Pedestrian Head Impact, Automated Post Simulation Results Aggregation, Visualization and Analysis Using d3VIEW



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Euro NCAP Pedestrian head impact protocol mandates the reduction of head injuries, measured using head injury criteria (HIC). Virtual tools driven design comprises of simulating the impact on the hood and post processing the results. Due to the high number of impact points, engineers spend a significant portion of their time in manual data management, processing, visualization and score calculation. Moreover, due to large volume of data transfer from these simulations, engineers face data bandwidth issues particularly when the data is in different geographical locations. This deters the focus of the engineer from engineering and also delays the product development process. This paper describes the development of an automated method using d3VIEW that significantly improves the efficiency and eliminates the data volume difficulties there by reducing the product development time while providing a higher level of simulation results visualization. This method reduces post-simulation analysis time through automation thereby eliminating the effort and time of manual data management and visualization. d3VIEW is tightly integrated with LS-DYNA and as the raw LS-DYNA data is processed on HPC, the resulting output data stored in d3VIEW server is considerably small and eliminates the issue of data bandwidth throttling when the output is to be made available across different geographical regions. Besides score calculation, the capability of d3VIEW has been challenged to include the generation of automatic opportunity chart that can highlight potential locations which require a minimal design change to improve overall score. In summary, d3VIEW platform provides significant benefit in reducing product development process and provides an efficient guiding tool in pedestrian head Impact analysis that can also be extended to other regulatory requirements.
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Parab, M., Mallela, S., Bala, S., and Noronha, N., "Pedestrian Head Impact, Automated Post Simulation Results Aggregation, Visualization and Analysis Using d3VIEW," SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-1330, 2020,
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Apr 14, 2020
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