New V6-Diesel-Engine for the Daimler Van “Sprinter” Certified to Emission-Regulation NAFTA2007



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The new Sprinter targets the USA and Canada markets nationwide to reconfirm Daimlers statement for Diesel engine in vans. Consequentially, the MY2007 Sprinter follows his successful predecessor as again the first - and up to now the only - Diesel vehicle in its class now meeting even the strict EPA07 requirement in California.
For the growing market in North America an unique development for the successor for the previous 5-cylinder Diesel Sprinter had been made. The new 3 liter V6 Diesel engine is based on numerous corporate wide versions from Mercedes and Chrysler Passenger cars and SUVs and has its roots also in smaller and larger Mercedes vans.
Effective January 2007 the NAFTA04 requirements have been replaced by the NAFTA07 values. Meeting those led to significant changes of the latest Sprinter in European EURO4 version. Both, engine and exhaust hardware as well as the ECU-data had been modified consequentially.
Fulfilling the current particulate emission level - reduction by 90% compared to NAFTA04- required an exhaust system with catalytic converter and the use of a particulate trap.
In order to realize the 50% reduction of NOx emission, a combination of engine internal measures was required. The whole exhaust gas recirculation system was widely adjusted to the increased requirements, as well as the turbocharger and the Diesel injection system.
As a result Daimler now offers a unique van with the new V6 3 liter Diesel Engine to customers in North America: Best in Class payload and best in Class cargo capacity comes with the vehicle.
Combining economical fuel consumption, good cruising range, low maintenance cost, increased torque by around 20% as well, the Diesel Sprinter offers lots of powertrain benefits too.
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Enderle, C., Duvinage, F., Busenthuer, D., Hoffmann, H. et al., "New V6-Diesel-Engine for the Daimler Van “Sprinter” Certified to Emission-Regulation NAFTA2007," SAE Technical Paper 2008-01-1194, 2008,
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Apr 14, 2008
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