New Developments in Accelerated Light Fastness/Weathering Methods in the Automotive Industry



SIAT 2005
Authors Abstract
Accelerated light fastness tests and weathering tests play an important role in the development of new materials and improving existing materials and products. In the automotive industry, a wide variety of test methods are used for various reasons and applications like safety regulations. The first part of this paper explains and compares the test methods, the influencing factors and the use of test cycles. The use of reference materials and the correlation between laboratory test methods and real life testing is discussed. The latest trends in standards and test methods development are evaluated.
In the second part, a brief history of development in the field of widely used weathering instruments is given divided on light source type. An overview of modern test instruments is presented where the latest development of enhanced control of process parameters is explained. The enhanced control of test conditions and higher requirement of light uniformity during weathering and light fastness tests makes it possible to study the degradation process of materials in detail and make better correlation with real life testing possible. The high level of quality standards followed in the global automotive industry demand the test instrument manufacturer to develop and produce high-end test equipment to fulfil the stringent automotive specifications.
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Van Teylingen, C., Riedl, A., and Adhatrao, A., "New Developments in Accelerated Light Fastness/Weathering Methods in the Automotive Industry," SAE Technical Paper 2005-26-039, 2005,
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Jan 19, 2005
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