Modeling of the Automatic Power Distribution System among the Traction Motors of the Driving Wheels of a Multi-Axle Vehicle



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Dynamics of acceleration, mobility, fuel efficiency of wheeled vehicles are largely determined by the drive circuit to the driving wheels and bridges, as well as devices used in drive link nodes to distribute power among the driving wheels. This is especially important for multi-axle wheeled vehicles. In this paper, the object of the study is a multiaxial wheeled vehicle with an electric transmission consisting of an internal combustion engine with a power of 720 kW, one common generator and twelve traction motors mounted directly on the driving wheels. In connection with the change in load on the driving wheels due to the variability of soil properties, driving conditions (acceleration, braking, uniform motion), terrain topography, it is necessary to provide external regulation of electric machines working in the transmission of the vehicle. The aims of the work are: 1) the study of currents and voltages in traction motors while changing the properties of the ground during the movement; 2) modeling of the automatic system providing full loading of the internal combustion engine and optimal distribution of power among the driving wheels with full fuel supply; 3) simulation of an automatic control system for traction motors, which provides the operation of the internal combustion engine with an economical characteristic for partial fuel supply and during acceleration. As a result of the study, the model of the automatic power distribution system among traction motors of the driving wheels of a multi-axle vehicle was developed, which made it possible to provide more efficient operation of the multi-axis vehicle.
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Kondakov, S., Pavlovskaya, O., Aliukov, S., and Smirnov, V., "Modeling of the Automatic Power Distribution System among the Traction Motors of the Driving Wheels of a Multi-Axle Vehicle," SAE Technical Paper 2019-01-0914, 2019,
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Apr 2, 2019
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