Methodology for Accelerated Vibration Durability Test on Electrodynamic Shaker



Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition
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A methodology is presented to do accelerated vibration durability test, on Electro Dynamic Shaker (EDS) by using Power Spectral Density (PSD) profile based on typical customer usage pattern. A generalized iterative procedure is developed to optimize input excitation PSD profile on EDS for simulating the exact customer usage conditions. The procedure minimizes the error between the target channels measured on road and the response channels measured on EDS. Also, response of accelerometers and strain gauges at multiple locations on the test component are arrived at based on a single input excitation using this procedure. The same is verified experimentally as well. Different parameters like strain, acceleration, etc. are simulated simultaneously. This methodology has enabled successful simulation of road conditions in lab, thereby arriving at a correlation between rig and road. The correlation obtained is based on the simulation of the same failure mode as that of the road on the rig. Fatigue life prediction techniques are used to arrive at a correlation between the rig and the road as well. Also, the actual life of the rig is matched with the predicted life, thereby validating the fatigue model used. Testing time compression is achieved by using fatigue editing techniques on time history data and PSD level amplification techniques. The methodology can also be used for various other motorcycle components.
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Risam, G., Balakrishnan, S., Patil, M., and Kharul, R., "Methodology for Accelerated Vibration Durability Test on Electrodynamic Shaker," SAE Technical Paper 2006-32-0081, 2006,
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Nov 13, 2006
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