Management of development of the Baja: Proposed reference model for project improvement



2018 SAE Brasil Congress & Exhibition
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The activities developed by the Society of Engineers of Mobility (SAE) are important sources of knowledge and technological updating for the industry and for the academic environment. Through annual student events, the association has become a present and active icon for the market, which generates and disseminates knowledge for Brazilian and international mobility professionals. Thus, the article presents, in a didactic and complete way, a reference model for the Mini-Baja Development Process (MBDP), structured and systematized, for conducting and professionally managing the process to the participating teams. Thus, the model provides students, teachers, and members of the business sector a support to reflect on the difficulties and contextualization's encountered throughout the management of the team in the prototype off-road. The model has particularities related to the specific vehicle development of Mini-Baja, to emphasize the vision of formal development as a broad business process, which covers the whole Baja product life cycle. The presentation of the model comprises a sequence structured into macrophases, phases, activities and tasks necessary for the final delivery of the vehicle, from the integration of pre-development macrophases (strategic planning and project planning), development (informational, conceptual, preliminary and detailed) and post-development (competition and demobilization). Therefore, the activities are detailed in terms of input information, the content of the tasks to be performed, output information, support tools and control mechanisms. From the application of the MBDP methodology, there is a greater understanding of the practice of process structuring and project planning. Various possibilities for further study can be considered, including complementary research, topic research and deepening obscure points, computational simulations, team strategies, workflows, partnerships with the private sector, among others.
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Machado, F., Silveira, F., Ferrer, M., Ortiz, L. et al., "Management of development of the Baja: Proposed reference model for project improvement," SAE Technical Paper 2018-36-0255, 2018,
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Sep 3, 2018
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