Loss function curve to quantify customer (dis)satisfaction for front seating reference point (SgRP) to Ground (H5-1)



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In vehicle design, the H point is a theoretical relative location measured in relation to specific characteristics, for example, H point to vehicle floor (H30), H point to ground (H5) and others. Based on theoretical H point automakers concept their vehicle and have to make important decisions on vehicle architectural that could result in a bad product for the future customers and during the early phase of vehicle development, one of the key design attributes to consider is in relation to the comfort of the user, so that its design and its components enable a favorable interaction with the occupant. Accessibility is one of the pillars on which this concern can be observed.
Certain features such as the size of door opening and the height of the vehicle from the ground, among others, may influence the level of satisfaction of the occupants’ access. One of these items refers to the H point to ground, which is presented as a first hurdle when users perform the ingress and exiting movement, directly affecting the level of satisfaction for accessibility.
The objective of this project was to analyze the influence of the H point to ground height in the egress movement, and how the seat height can play an important role in the user’s perception. This study was supported by clinics, research and technical-statistical data.
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Santos, A., Pádua, A., Genaro, P., Terra, R. et al., "Loss function curve to quantify customer (dis)satisfaction for front seating reference point (SgRP) to Ground (H5-1)," SAE Technical Paper 2021-36-0030, 2022, https://doi.org/10.4271/2021-36-0030.
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Feb 4, 2022
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