Integration of Advanced Public Transportation System with Other Regional Intelligent Transportation System Centers



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Bucher, Willis and Ratliff Corporation (BWR) is the consulting engineer supporting the Livermore/Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), design, procure and test of an Advanced Public Transit System (APTS). This paper discusses the architectural design of the APTS as well as the supporting subsystems on transit vehicles. It also discusses the integration of the APTS with other regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) centers including the Arterial Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and the Tri-Valley Advanced Traveler Information Network.
The APTS includes automatic vehicle location (AVL) and computer-aided dispatching (CAD). A wireless communications infrastructure provides real-time digital communications with ITS devices within transit vehicles. Separate voice communications channels are provided between the APTS dispatchers and the transit vehicle drivers Interestingly, the architecture of the vehicular ITS subsystem includes fully open architecture and the ability to add intelligent devices in the vehicle. An ergonomically designed interface with the driver provides the driver with key information without impacting safety. The single interface with the driver supports security, schedule management, electronic fare collection, and information related to vehicular performance.
This paper includes an overview of the field architecture supporting the deployment of kiosk and electronic traveler information signs at transfer points. Additionally included is a discussion of transit priority and interoperability between the APTS and ATMS to minimize signal-timing disruption due to transit priority. The transit vehicles will operate on corridors which are managed by modern traffic signal systems with center-master design and polling of the traffic signal controller on a once-per-second basis. The design also includes ITS deployment within Park-and-Ride lots supporting traveler safety and traveler information access.
This ITS project is in a construction phase. This paper will present the design architecture, reasons for selection of this architecture and benefits derived from the architecture. It will also discuss the future phases including the incorporation of the regional Smart Card electronic fee collection standard deployment.
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Abernethy, B., "Integration of Advanced Public Transportation System with Other Regional Intelligent Transportation System Centers," SAE Technical Paper 2002-01-2140, 2002,
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Jul 9, 2002
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