Integrating MIL-STD Requirements into SysML Projects: A Unified Approach



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In support of developing complex systems, integrating requirements from various source standards, such as the Military Standard (MIL-STD) series and others, presents a significant challenge. This paper explores the development of Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Systems Modeling Language (SysML) projects that incorporate MIL-STD requirements. The study begins by defining the critical need for integrating multiple standards into MBSE projects, emphasizing the importance of adhering to MIL-STD requirements when invoked by the customer. The study further defines the limitations inherent in managing standards independently and propose a unified approach within a SysML-based framework. The research introduces a systematic methodology for mapping MIL-STD requirements and other relevant standards onto SysML constructs, ensuring traceability and consistency throughout the system development lifecycle. Comparing traditional methods with the use of MBSE methods highlight the advantages of an integrated approach in terms of reducing redundancy, enhancing traceability, and improving overall system development efficiency. In conclusion, this research paper asserts that a comprehensive methodology for encompassing MIL-STD requirements and constraining data in new MBSE SysML projects is the recommended approach. This approach bridges the gap between complex standards and system development, promoting efficiency, compliance, and traceability. It serves as a valuable resource for engineers, project managers, and organizations engaged in the development of systems requiring compliance with MIL-STDs.
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Watson, P., "Integrating MIL-STD Requirements into SysML Projects: A Unified Approach," SAE Technical Paper 2024-01-1945, 2024,
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