Instrument Panel Coatings to Reduce Veiling Glare and for Decorative Effects



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Veiling glare causes vision safety problems particularly with low windshield angles. Ultra-Suede® coatings contain spherical, beaded pigments to produce low gloss, mar resistant coatings found to significantly reduce veiling glare in car and truck upper instrument close-out panel applications.
The soft, lustrous feel and polychromatic look offer unique decorative styling effects. Low gloss and mar resistance are generally competing properties. The use of flexible spherical pigments and flexible binders/resins meets the long sought after requirement.
The reduction in veiling glare property of the suede-like coating was studied by University of Detroit Mercy and builds on the research done by Chrysler and University of Detroit Mercy presented in the 1992 SAE paper 920105.
The conclusions reached in this new work presented in this paper are:
The suede-like coating reduces veiling glare more than other flat paint. Suede-like coating samples proved significantly more effective in glare reduction as measured by both the number of perceived errors and discomfort ratings than other paints tested; i.e., waterborne at 4° gloss and Munsell matte finishes.
The suede-like coating is more effective than in-mold texture. No significant differences in errors or discomfort were noted as a function of surface texture; i.e., molded in texture. Paint type is the independent variable primarily influencing subjective glare effects with surface texture yielding minimal effects.
The suede-like coating can be used in lighter colors than other paints. Matte finishes are only effective up to Munsell Color 3 while the suede-like coating is effective up to Munsell Color 6 (0 = Black and 10 = White).
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Storms, C., "Instrument Panel Coatings to Reduce Veiling Glare and for Decorative Effects," SAE Technical Paper 940646, 1994,
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Mar 1, 1994
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