Influence of the Components of the CVT in its Performance



2004 SAE Brasil Congress and Exhibit
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Had to the development of new projects of vehicles more economic as for example, the hybrid vehicles, have become bigger investments in transmission systems mechanics more adjusted. Thus being the increasing market of the continuously changeable transmissions it demands that its characteristics of performance fully are known and constantly developed. Of the some existing constructive types one initially opted to the modeling of the system of pulleys of changeable diameter and leather strap. To leave of this modeling one became alterations of some components and verified the behavior of this CVT in a simulation of passage of a vehicle. This passage was drawn so that the vehicle more faced daily situations of a vehicle considered in a track accented, that requested of the transmission the reactions boundary lines that supplied to torque and power of enough engine, or, so that the vehicle executed the passage, a not to leave of the limitations of the system and the CVT. The program drawn in Matlab for this simulation allows that other components beyond the mass of followers and springs in the pulleys were modified, such as the angle of inclination of we camos them of the drive pulley and the driven pulley. But this study the alteration of the mass of followers and the elastic constant of the springs in the pulleys focou only motor and moved and what this influences in the positioning of the leather strap in the pulleys and the relation of transmission of system CVT and in the performance of the vehicle.
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de Albuquerque, A., and Dedini, F., "Influence of the Components of the CVT in its Performance," SAE Technical Paper 2004-01-3361, 2004,
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Nov 16, 2004
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