Impact of Post Processing Methods on the Mechanical Properties of Squeeze Casted A356 Alloy



International Conference on Advances in Design, Materials, Manufacturing and Surface Engineering for Mobility
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The prime purpose of this investigation is to determine the consequence of T6 heat treatment on the mechanical characteristics of squeezed A356 alloy. A356 alloy is one of the most promising aluminium alloys owing to its excellence in casting, conflict to corrosion, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Processing methods and types of reinforcements used are the major driving force towards the change in the properties of the aluminium alloys. However, heat treatment also employed in order to show strong static mechanical properties and enhancing the metallurgical characteristics of the matrix material. The primary objective of this investigation is to compare the mechanical properties of squeezed pure A356 alloy with samples that have undergone T6 heat treatment and artificial aging. Squeeze casting technique is employed in this research work to get the near net shaped components with fine structure, great surface finish, insignificant porosity and shrinkage. Two samples are prepared from squeeze casting technique, in which one is further taken into T6 heat treatment process. Sample 2 is solution heat treated in the furnace at 540°C for 4 hours, then quenched in water at room temperature, and further artificially aged at 155°C for 4 hours to obtain the heat-treated sample. Samples are prepared for testing the mechanical properties such as, hardness, tensile strength and elongation percentage. From the study it is found that the squeezed HT A356 alloy specimen’s exhibit greatly enhanced mechanical properties as compared to the squeezed pure A356 alloy specimens. The exposure to heat treatment significantly increased the hardness, tensile strength, and percentage of elongation of squeezed HT A356 alloy by 27%, 11.3% and 43.9% respectively. This change in characteristics is due to the grain structure refinement and the improved intermetallic bonding resulting from the squeezing effect and the heat treatment procedure. These enhanced properties of squeezed A356 alloys under post-processing conditions render them an ideal material for the automotive components.
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A, S., R, S., Kalidasan, R., and Ganapathy, S., "Impact of Post Processing Methods on the Mechanical Properties of Squeeze Casted A356 Alloy," SAE Technical Paper 2021-28-0266, 2021,
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Oct 1, 2021
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