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As the first to recognize the need for head and neck restraints in motorsports and to apply biomechanical and racing expertise to the problem, HANS Performance Products has always been the industry's performance leader for head and neck restraints. Until recently, its commercial development had been a different story.
After ten years of technical development, the company had its first commercial false start in 1991 when it formally opened its doors and nobody walked through. After collaborating with DaimlerChrysler to create a more user friendly product, the company's re-launch in 1999 was only slightly more successful. Then came Daytona 2001 - the crash heard around the world - and the head and neck restraint world turned. HANS Performance Products' in-house production could not keep pace with demand for product. The company redesigned and out-sourced manufacturing technologies to provide superior product in higher volumes. At the same time, HANS Performance Products created international franchises to respond to increasing worldwide interest in the company's technology.
With production under control, the company made its first steps into third-party distribution in North America and improving its idirect sales business. Over the period of four years, HANS Performance Products has created a distribution structure to substantially improve local availability and advice for product use. From zero, this network now accounts for 90% of the company's sales. As a rapid growth business, even this highly successful distribution model is under review as the company prepares to launch its next generation of head and neck restraints worldwide.
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Stiles, M., Walker, A., and Milgrom, G., "HANS® Device - Performance Leader to Market Leader," SAE Technical Paper 2006-01-3629, 2006, https://doi.org/10.4271/2006-01-3629.
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Dec 5, 2006
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