Gear System Parameters and Its Influence on Gearbox Noise



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Tonal noise due to gears is one of the fundamental noise problems in a gearbox. Gear tooth deflections generate dynamic forces that lead to unwanted load fluctuations, thus noise. Different factors that are considered to control this noise, some to mention like proper gear macro design, microgeometry corrections, and housing compliance. However, identifying the appropriate variable as a measure of contribution to the overall response helps in getting more accurate remedial solutions. Some outputs to track are different harmonic components of TE, temperature effects, components of forces, rim compliance and friction.
For evaluation, usually, the amplitudes of individual harmonics of transmission error are related to the respective orders of the noise levels assuming it as one of the primary excitation parameters of gear noise. In this paper, a brief overview of TE and its harmonic distribution is discussed with the example of an ideal gear mesh model and then quantifying TE with the introduction of mesh misalignment. The effect of providing additional microgeometry corrections to compensate for the misalignment is also discussed.
The study in this paper discusses the influence of parameters that are associated with gear whine and will serve as a guideline for the optimizing the gear design. The analysis was performed on a simple external helical gear mesh model in LDP tool for generating loads and TE. Moreover, the radiated noise from the flexible housing was also monitored to study the influence of different parameters on the sound power levels. Some additional results were evaluated with an in-house developed tool as well. The studies performed in this paper will help in identifying the parameters for transmission durability & NVH also their importance in designing quiet and robust gearbox.
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Dewangan, Y., Nair, P., and Nair, D., "Gear System Parameters and Its Influence on Gearbox Noise," SAE Technical Paper 2019-01-1562, 2019,
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Jun 5, 2019
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