Framework for Modelling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Aircraft Systems with Distributed Electronic Controllers



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Multi-physics interactions between structural, electrical, thermal, or hydraulic components and the high level of system integration, characteristic of new aircraft designs, is increasing the complexity of both design and verification processes. Therefore the availability of tools, supporting integrated modelling, simulation, optimization and testing across all stages of aircraft design remains a critical challenge.
This paper presents some results of the project MISSION (Modelling and Simulation Tools for Systems Integration on Aircraft). It is a collaborative task being developed under the European Union Clean Sky 2 Program, which is a public-private partnership bringing together aeronautics industrial leaders and public research organizations based in Europe. The first levels of integration of different models and tools proposed in the MISSION framework will be presented, along with simulation results. The paper will highlight the workflow to perform the various stages of virtual testing and the proposed way to exchange artifacts within the modelling and analysis framework. The considered system under test is an electromechanical flight control actuator together with the related control logic. The plant system is natively a physical model based on MODELICA and the causal control system is natively a MATLAB/Simulink model. These models are used in different PC-based simulation platforms, in order to perform virtual tests of different maturity levels of the embedded system by Model-in-the-Loop (with ESI ITI SimulationX and MATLAB/Simulink), Software-in-the-Loop (with dSPACE VEOS) and Virtual-Processor-in-the-Loop (with ALES DESYRE).
The alignment of the simulation results demonstrates the successful model based integration. In addition, some tool specific results and metrics are presented.
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Burgio, G., Mangeruca, L., Ferrari, A., Carloni, M. et al., "Framework for Modelling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Aircraft Systems with Distributed Electronic Controllers," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-2115, 2017,
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Sep 19, 2017
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