An Example of Optimal Cylinder Head Gasket Design for Light Weight High Performance Engine



SAE/KSAE 2013 International Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting
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An example of multi layered metal cylinder head gasket design has introduced. The new gasket design which constructed from three metal plates. A thin shim plate with a small bead consist the middle layer for cylinder bore combustion gas seal.
An effect of the additional bead on the stopper shim plate was observed in an actual engine test with coated rubber appearance of the seal bead area. De-lamination of the coated rubber in between the layers of cylinder bore portion of gasket which showed a difference in the additional bead direction. It was discussed that the additional bead performs not only for a static seal potential of against internal gas pressure but also performs effectively for maintain elastic characteristics of coated rubber under engine running condition.
Top Coat is another new design feature which was introduced in the new gasket design. The Top Coat is a soft elastomeric resin coating which was developed for a less de-lamination of rubber coat on metal plate of gasket against engine mating surface. It was observed in a thermal shock test that the Top Coat reduced collapses, flow and de-lamination phenomena of rubber effectively. It was discussed that the roughness in engine mating surface was filled by a cold flow characteristics of the Top Coat which behaved as an absorption element. It was also discussed that the Top Coat could protect the rubber from negative swelling affect of coolant.
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Okano, J., Kobayashi, N., Nagano, I., and Tabata, T., "An Example of Optimal Cylinder Head Gasket Design for Light Weight High Performance Engine," SAE Technical Paper 2013-01-2642, 2013,
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Oct 14, 2013
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