Event-Triggered Robust Control of an Integrated Motor-Gearbox Powertrain System for a Connected Vehicle under CAN and DOS-Induced Delays



SAE 2019 Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium
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This paper deals with an integrated motor-transmission (IMT) speed tracking control of the connected vehicle when there are controller area network (CAN)-induced delays and denial of service (DOS)-induced delays. A connected vehicle equipped with an IMT system may be attacked through the external network. Therefore, there are two delays on the CAN of the connected vehicle, which are CAN-induced and cyber-attack delays. A DOS attack generates huge delays in CAN and even makes the control system invalid. To address this problem, a robust dynamic output-feedback controller of the IMT speed tracking system considering event-triggered detectors resisting CAN-induced delays and DOS-induced delays is designed. The event-triggered detector is used to reduce the CAN-induced network congestion with appropriate event trigger conditions on the controller input and output channels. CAN-induced delays and DOS-induced delays are modeled by polytopic inclusions using the Taylor series expansion. Then, an IMT speed tracking system that considers two delays and takes into account the switching stability of the event-triggered detector, a dynamic output-feedback controller that satisfies the energy-to-peak performance is established. The dynamic controller gains are obtained by linear matrix inequality (LMI) toolbox. The controller has a good control effect on CAN-induced delay because of the integration of the event-triggered detector and polytopic inclusions delay system. Compared with an existing Proportional Integral (PI) controller, the proposed controller has a better real-time tracking effect and oscillation damping capability. The proposed controller has 31.3% smaller overshoot and 22.7% smaller settling time compared to an existing energy-to-peak controller.
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Xiangyang, X., Xiang, L., Hui, Z., and Jing, Z., "Event-Triggered Robust Control of an Integrated Motor-Gearbox Powertrain System for a Connected Vehicle under CAN and DOS-Induced Delays," SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-5016, 2020, https://doi.org/10.4271/2020-01-5016.
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Feb 24, 2020
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