Energy Consumption in Lightweight Electric Aircraft



AeroCON 2024
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Electric aircraft have emerged as a promising solution for sustainable aviation, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution. Efficiently estimating and optimizing energy consumption in these aircraft is crucial for enhancing their design, operation, and overall performance. This paper presents a novel framework for analyzing and modeling energy consumption patterns in lightweight electric aircraft.
A mathematical model is developed, encompassing key factors such as aircraft weight, velocity, wing area, air density, coefficient of drag, and battery efficiency. This model estimates the total energy consumption during steady-level flight, considering the power requirements for propulsion, electrical systems, and auxiliary loads. The model serves as the foundation for analyzing energy consumption patterns and optimizing the performance of lightweight electric aircraft.
To facilitate analysis and visualization of energy consumption patterns, the study includes the development of Python and MATLAB codes. The Python code simulates the energy consumption of a single-pilot electric aircraft, allowing for the assessment of the impact of flight duration on total energy consumption during steady-level flight. This provides insights into the energy efficiency of various electric aircraft designs. Additionally, the MATLAB code and MATLAB Simulink model generates graphical representations of energy consumption trends over varying flight durations, enabling visual analysis and interpretation of the data.
The analysis and simulations conducted using the framework yield valuable insights into the power requirements and energy consumption patterns of lightweight electric aircraft. These findings contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts in advancing electric aviation, providing a robust framework for energy consumption assessment and optimization.
In conclusion, this paper offers a unique approach for analyzing and modeling energy consumption in lightweight electric aircraft. By utilizing the mathematical model, Python code, MATLAB code and MATLAB Simulink Model, researchers and engineers can evaluate and optimize the energy efficiency of electric aircraft designs, promoting range extension, endurance increase, and operational cost reduction.
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Kanchagar, A., "Energy Consumption in Lightweight Electric Aircraft," SAE Technical Paper 2024-26-0403, 2024,
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