Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on Performance and Emissions of a DI Diesel Engine



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Recycling is an attractive solution to problems associated with the disposal of industrial and municipal wastes that are significantly available worldwide. Plastic in different forms is used in many applications day-to-day life. Some plastics can be converted into fuel or energy by thermal and catalytic degradation of plastic waste through pyrolysis processes. The oil obtained from pyrolysis of waste plastic can be used as an alternative fuel for CI engines. Most of the cases, it is reported by many researchers that the engine performance of a CI engine would be inferior when it is run on plastic pyrolysis oil (PPO) or its diesel blends than the diesel-fueled diesel engine operation. Reducing heat loss from engine components may improve the thermal efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of a CI engine. The heat loss can be reduced in CI engines by introducing thermal barrier coating (TBC). In this investigation, the effect of TBC on the performance and emissions of a CI engine run on PPO and its diesel blends was studied. For the investigation, a single cylinder, four stroke, air cooled, direct injection (DI) diesel engine developing a power of 4.4kW at a rated speed of 1500rpm was used. The PPO obtained from a pyrolysis plant was blended with diesel at four different percentages. The blends were denoted as PPO10, PPO20, PPO30 and PPO40, and the blends were used as test fuels in the test engine. The numeric value followed after PPO suggests the percentage of PPO in the blend. An optimum blend was chosen based on the performance and emission parameters alongside diesel operation of the same engine. Further, the piston of the test engine was coated with YSZ and YSZ+CeO2 separately and the experiments were conducted. The obtained performance and emission parameters of the coated engine fueled with an optimum PPO blend were compared with those of the diesel operation and presented in this paper.
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Paik, Y., Sahu, C., Pandey, K., Barik, S. et al., "Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on Performance and Emissions of a DI Diesel Engine," SAE Technical Paper 2019-32-0526, 2020, https://doi.org/10.4271/2019-32-0526.
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Jan 24, 2020
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