Development of Simulation Platform and Control Strategy of Electronic Braking System for Commercial Vehicles



SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress
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Pneumatic Electric Braking System (EBS) is getting widely spread for commercial vehicles. Pneumatic EBS improves the problem of slow response of traditional pneumatic braking system by implementing brake-by-wire. However, the time-delay response and hysteresis of some electro-pneumatic components and some other issues decrease the response and control accuracy of the pneumatic EBS. Therefore, this paper does the following work for this problem: (1) the structure of proportional relay valve is introduced and the response time and hysteresis characteristics of proportional relay valves are analyzed, (2) the dynamic characteristic of pressure response time and the steady-state characteristic of hysteresis curve are tested with open-loop test bench, (3) a hysteresis compensation control method which integrates PID closed loop control and the feed-forward compensation control is presented for mitigating the hysteresis characteristic of proportional relay valve and improving the pressure response character of the front wheels, (4) a vehicle dynamic simulation platform of commercial vehicle consists of EBS is developed with the co-simulation of MATLAB/Simulink and AMESim for the purpose of EBS control strategy development and validation, (5) the effect of the hysteresis compensation control strategy on vehicle braking performance is validated and analyzed offline.
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Wan, Y., Zhang, D., Weiqiang, Z., Zong, C. et al., "Development of Simulation Platform and Control Strategy of Electronic Braking System for Commercial Vehicles," SAE Technical Paper 2014-01-2286, 2014,
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Sep 30, 2014
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