Development of Roll Mount for the Movement Control of Powertrain and the Improvement of NVH Performance



16th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference
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Recently, for weight and cost reduction the new mount and sub-frame system has been ongoing research. As a result, through the application of H-type sub-frame, a pendulum-type engine mounting system with engine, transmission, and roll mount have been proposed. However, the freedom of the design has been largely limited to obtain the optimal performance between the control of powertrain behavior and the vibration isolation influencing the durability of the mount and NVH quality simultaneously.
So, 4 different type of roll rod was taken into account and validated experimentally in this study under the maintenance of same platform, the contribution of load sharing and NVH performance was to optimize. It is shown that CTR roll rod is more effective than any other type to compromise the efficiency between durability and NVH. In conclusion, from an experimental review related with booming noise, interior noise and excessive vibration the sharing load of roll mount was reduced by 35% in 1WOT. Also, AI performance 3% in more than 2200 rpm band, C2 interior noise 3 ~ 5 dBA in the band 2700 ~ 3700 rpm and excessive vibration during startup 0.5 m/s2 (seat anteroposterior direction) improvement is obtained. In addition, to satisfy the required performance the dynamic stiffness of H-type sub-frame is presented.
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Lee, B., and Kim, J., "Development of Roll Mount for the Movement Control of Powertrain and the Improvement of NVH Performance," SAE Technical Paper 2011-28-0090, 2011,
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Oct 6, 2011
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