Development of New I3 1.0L Turbocharged DI Gasoline Engine



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In recent years, more attentions have been paid to stringent legislations on fuel consumption and emissions. Turbocharged downsized gasoline direct injection (DI) engines are playing an increasing important role in OEM’s powertrain strategies and engine product portfolio. Dongfeng Motor (DFM) has developed a new 1.0 liter 3-cylinder Turbocharged gasoline DI (TGDI) engine (hereinafter referred to as C10TD) to meet the requirements of China 4th stage fuel consumption regulations and the China 6 emission standards.
In this paper, the concept of the C10TD engine is explained to meet the powerful performance (torque 190Nm/1500-4500rpm and power 95kW/5500rpm), excellent part-load BSFC and NVH targets to ensure the drivers could enjoy the powerful output in quiet and comfortable environment without concerns about the fuel cost and pollution. The combustion system with side-mounted 6-hole direct injector and 200bar injection pressure has been optimized by CFD simulation and optical engine investigation. To ensure performance output and transient responsiveness, an efficient and low inertia turbocharger was selected. Effective technical measures including friction reducing, thermal management, variable oil pump and Dual VVT were applied in order to achieve the good fuel economy. Special attentions have been paid to the engine structure design, mass balancing strategy and mounting system optimization to achieve excellent NVH performance which is at same level similar to a 4-cylinder TGDI gasoline engine. Benefited from the modular design concept, the engine size was minimized, which has the advantage for packaging, especially for hybrid vehicles.
Through the development work, the engine performance and BSFC targets have been achieved and confirmed by engine and vehicle tests. This engine has been installed in one of the passenger cars (1205 to 1320kg) and 18% fuel consumption reduction has been achieved in the NEDC cycle compared to 1.6L NA engine while maintaining fun-to-drive and NVH performance
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Zhang, S., Li, H., Chen, T., Jiang, N. et al., "Development of New I3 1.0L Turbocharged DI Gasoline Engine," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-2424, 2017,
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Oct 8, 2017
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