Development of New 2.2-liter Turbocharged Diesel Engine for the EURO-IV Standards



SAE 2004 World Congress & Exhibition
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A new 2.2L 4-cylinder diesel engine has been developed to comply with the EURO-IV regulations. This engine will be utilized in the ACCORD model to be marketed in Europe from the early of 2004. The engine has the following distinctive features:
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    The engine is provided with a 1600 bar second-generation common rail system and combustion has been optimized. In addition, the combination of a continuously variable swirl control valve, EGR cooler and De-NOx catalyst has enabled the engine to clear the EURO-IV requirements.
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    Adoption of engine structure and layout technologies including a lightweight aluminum cylinder block (manufactured using a new production process) and roller chain has significantly reduced weight and increased compactness.
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    Adoption of advanced combustion technologies, a variable turbo and low-friction technologies, including an offset crank, has enabled a balance of both high fuel efficiency and power output at the top of this class.
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    Combustion control and increased structural rigidity result in quietness rivaling that of a gasoline engine.
The development concept stressed a powerful, high-quality and refined diesel engine, and these technologies have enabled its full realization. This paper presents an overview of the newly developed diesel engine and discusses its core technologies.
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Abe, T., Nagahiro, K., Aoki, T., Minami, H. et al., "Development of New 2.2-liter Turbocharged Diesel Engine for the EURO-IV Standards," SAE Technical Paper 2004-01-1316, 2004,
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Mar 8, 2004
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