Development of an Abdominal Deformation Measuring System for Hybrid III Dummy



Stapp Car Crash Conference
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A new abdominal deformation measuring system for Hybrid III dummy has been developed in order to evaluate the abdominal injury by using the dummy. From the dynamic abdominal deformation of the dummy, the abdominal compression velocity V, the compression ratio C, and the maximum value of the product VC, expressed as [VC]MAX, can be calculated.
This abdominal deformation measuring system consists of an abdominal insert having the same compression characteristics as those of the human body, a dynamic deformation sensor, and an analysis program. The abdominal insert is made of elastic foam rubber and has a shape fitted to Hybrid III. The deformation sensor in a band shape is a thin stainless steel band with 25 strain gauges on it. Each strain gauge measures the curvature on its mounted position. Since the deformation sensor is located along the surface of the dummy abdomen, the sensor deforms as the dummy surface deforms. The analysis program calculates the distribution of curvature in the longitudinal direction of the sensor and the deformation of the abdomen during an impact. This system makes it possible to obtain the abdominal deformation in the impact tests using a cylindrical bar or a lap belt within an error of 10%.
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Ishiyama, S., Tsukada, K., Nishigaki, H., Ikeda, Y. et al., "Development of an Abdominal Deformation Measuring System for Hybrid III Dummy," SAE Technical Paper 942223, 1994,
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Nov 1, 1994
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