Design and Optimization of Novel High-Speed Electromagnetic Actuator for Electronic Fuel Injection System



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A novel high-speed electromagnetic actuator for electronic fuel injection system (EFIS) of diesel engine is proposed in this paper. By using a permanent magnet and an annular flange, the design of the novel actuator aims to overcome the inherent drawbacks of the conventional solenoid electromagnetic actuator, such as high power consumption and so on. A method of multi-objective optimization combined with response surface methodology and Genetic Algorithm (GA) is employed to obtain the optimal design of the novel actuator. First, combined with design of experiments and finite element analysis, the second order polynomial response surface models (SOPRSM) of electromagnetic forces are produced by the least square principle. Second, the complete multi-objective optimization mathematical model (MOMM) of the novel actuator based on SOPRSM is built, aiming to maximize the net electromagnetic force on the armature and minimize the drive current. Then, the Pareto optimal solution sets are obtained by GA and the optimal solution is determined for which the net electromagnetic force increases by 29.4% and the drive current reduces by 22.1%. Finally, the higher performance of the novel actuator is demonstrated by dynamic finite-element analysis (FEA) that the actuation response time is shortened by 20.4%, and the release response time almost keeps unchanged, besides, the coil ohmic loss is reduced by 28.8%.
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Liu, P., Fan, L., Peng, W., Ma, X. et al., "Design and Optimization of Novel High-Speed Electromagnetic Actuator for Electronic Fuel Injection System," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-1640, 2017,
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Mar 28, 2017
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Technical Paper