Design of an Emergency Tire Inflation System for Long Haul Trucks



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An Emergency Tire Inflation System (ETIS) designed for use on commercial trucks was evaluated and tested. The ETIS is provided in kit form and designed to be installed by a truck operator to provide emergency air to inflate a low or punctured tire on tractor drive axles. The ETIS will continue to supply air to the tire until the system pressure falls below a safe air pressure level. The system is designed to allow the rig to be driven 500 miles to a tire repair station or to a safe location where tire repair service is available. The installation kit (Figure 1), which can fit under a truck seat, includes all the necessary equipment to install the system on the most common drive axles.
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The ETIS supplies air to the under-inflated tire through a previously qualified1 Rotary Union design. The Rotary Union is attached to the axle flange of the drive axle by a threaded adapter and two adjustable links that allow the Rotary Union to be placed at the center of rotation of the axle. A Glad Hand Assembly with a built-in pressure regulator is installed at the trailer. A sufficient length of coiled nylon tubing meeting the requirements of SAE J514 is provided in the ETIS kit to provide emergency air to the most distant drive axle tire.
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Bradley, J., Eckhardt, L., and Sonzala, F., "Design of an Emergency Tire Inflation System for Long Haul Trucks," SAE Technical Paper 952592, 1995,
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Nov 1, 1995
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