Design Development of Elastic Wheel-Track and Track Traction Systems of Tractors and Agricultural Machines



1997 SAE International Off-Highway and Powerplant Congress and Exposition
Authors Abstract
The effect agricultural machinery traffic on soil is minimized in various ways. Some of these techniques are very effective. By creating various designs of traction systems and by using rational parameters, it is possible to attain substantial improvement of operational properties with agricultural machinery. It is possible to increase the mobility and tractive efficiency, to decrease the soil compaction, fuel consumption, etc.
This paper will show the operating conditions of tractors and agricultural machinery in Belarus and the requirements for traction systems at various periods of operation. It will also show the experience of creating and developing designs of track and half-track (rubber belted) propulsion systems for tractors and other agricultural vehicles. Such designs have been created for 60 kW tractors, harvesters and other machines.
Quickly removable designs of wheel-track systems are proposed.
A series of investigations for operating properties of the propulsion system designs created is described under various technological conditions and on different soils. The test results are given, positive effects are described and analysis thereof is given with the aim of further improvement of reliability and operating properties of this type propulsion systems.
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Boikov, V., Zhdanovich, C., and Sizova, S., "Design Development of Elastic Wheel-Track and Track Traction Systems of Tractors and Agricultural Machines," SAE Technical Paper 972732, 1997,
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Sep 8, 1997
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