Design and Analysis of Hybrid Composite Brake Disc with Various Grooves



International Conference on Advances in Design, Materials, Manufacturing and Surface Engineering for Mobility
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The enormous need of effective transportation creates an unavoidable situation in automobile industries to improve and maintain safety systems in vehicles. In crisis, brake disc of the braking system plays a vital role in effective braking of the vehicle. The main objective of this proposed study is to design a disc with two different groove patterns and a material with two different compositions. By using solidworks, a brake disc with proper slots and groove pattern (J hook and square groove) was designed for improved bite, debris, clearance, reduced distortion / vibration and effective heat transfer through convection process. In which two different materials namely zinc based Aluminium Alloy (AA8011) and its composite (AA8011 (5 wt% B4C +3 wt% Gr)) are considered after heat treatment (T6) as disc materials. The properties are measured and given as input data set in ansys workbench for further processing. The thermal transient analyses are done under loaded condition for the proposed disc. In addition, the static structural analysis is performed to study the deformation and von mises stress. Thus by taking this study the examined brake disc was identified to have effective strength and braking performance. Also, we recommend the usage of the hybrid composite disc brake with j groove for real time usage in student formula vehicles.
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Ranganathan, S., gopal, S., Adithyaa, S., and venkatesan, S., "Design and Analysis of Hybrid Composite Brake Disc with Various Grooves," SAE Technical Paper 2020-28-0503, 2020,
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Sep 25, 2020
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