Data Processing For CAE Material Input With Strain Rate Effects



SAE 2005 World Congress & Exhibition
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Strain rate effects have been identified as one of the most critical factors for the modeling of vehicle components in many previous investigations. The strain rate data available to the authors have been processed to obtain the input decks of a required material law in prior investigations. With the application of strain rate modeling, the strain rate database needs to be expanded. In order to continuously improve the safety CAE quality and efficiency, especially the prediction of a vehicle's pulse in a crash event, the effort has been made to include more strain rate data and extend the material database for safety CAE applications. In this study, strain rate data provided by Ispat Inland Inc. for AISI/DOE Technology Roadmap Program are processed. The material processed in this study include HSS590-CR, 440W-GA, BH300-GI, HSLA350-GI, DP600-HR, TRIP590-EG, TRIP600-CR, TRIP780-CR. In the program, tests were performed with the strain rates ranging from 0.001/s to 1000/s, which are the common crash strain rate ranges for automotive crash applications. In general, dynamic test data contains irregularities and fluctuations due to the nature of the test. Different filters and smoothing techniques have been used to process dynamic test data. To further reduce the irregularities and fluctuations in the strain rate data and enable the creation of material strain rate database for CAE applications, a technique was developed to automate the strain rate date conversion process. The technique made it possible to consistently and efficiently process vast amount of strain rate data. The input decks for the required material law were created for all strain rate data provided by AISI/Ispat Inland. The information can directly be used in crash safety simulation to save time needed to process strain rate test data and minimize the error in preparing material input decks.
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Li, W., Tyan, T., and Chen, Y., "Data Processing For CAE Material Input With Strain Rate Effects," SAE Technical Paper 2005-01-0359, 2005,
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Apr 11, 2005
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