The Complex Application of Monitoring and Express Diagnosing for Searching Failures on Common Rail System Units



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The article deals with experimental and theoretical researches of hydraulic processes in a system of accumulator fuel supplying (Common Rail) during the diagnosing while the vehicle idling and during the acceleration. The aim of the work is to assess the efficiency of the offered diagnosing technique as the point of view of cutting-down time for troubleshooting and as the point of view of increasing reliability of failure localization. Feature of the presented approach is that it uses the analysis of fuel pressure fluctuations in the high pressure hydroaccumulator, synchronously with the analysis of rotary speed of an engine crankshaft and the steering signals on electromagnetic magnets (or piezoelements) of injectors. The technique uniting preliminary diagnosing of Electronic Engine Control (EEC) and components of the vehicle fuel units during the constant remote monitoring process, and deep, detailed diagnosing at a service station is described. The technique considers a possibility of onboard self-diagnosing OBD-II system and its interaction with the built-in monitoring system, and possibilities of the analysis of the technical condition fuel elements, using the pressure fluctuations of fuel, that register by the regular sensor of system pressure control fuel. Regularities of the fuel units and components failures emergence and an electronic control system of the diesel engine 1VD-FTV during the operation, with monitoring system are experimentally defined. Separate research for instant preliminary superficial detection of failure by means of remote monitoring on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC 200 vehicle was conducted. The separate inquiry on deep express diagnosing of the technical condition of the fuel units of the vehicle at the service station was held also. Monitoring process gives preliminary localization, the mode of appearance and degree of the importance of a failure, and further diagnosing at a service station deeper localization and specification of a technical condition of unit in which failure is arises. Using the method of the mathematical modeling the oscillatory processes arising in the fuel accumulator as in serviceable as in faulty were described. The analysis of experimental results is showed that combined using the remote system of monitoring built-in the vehicle and express diagnosing systems such as fuel pressure fluctuations in the hydro accumulator (at the service station) allows to reduce great deal of time for troubleshooting and to increase accuracy of diagnosis.
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Gritsuk, I., Zenkin E.Y., E., Bulgakov, N., Golovan, A. et al., "The Complex Application of Monitoring and Express Diagnosing for Searching Failures on Common Rail System Units," SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-1773, 2018,
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Sep 10, 2018
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