Comparison Study on Fuel Properties of Biodiesel from Jatropha, Palm and Petroleum Based Diesel Fuel



The 10th International Conference on Automotive Engineering
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The increase of air pollution and global warming is a threat for human life. Besides, the price of petroleum is increasing rapidly and the resources are diminishing. This obliged scientists and engineers to look for alternative sources of energy, which are cleaner and more sustainable. Biodiesel, defined as mono-alkyls of esters from vegetable oils and animals fat, is a cleaner renewable fuel and has been considered as the best alternative for petroleum based diesel fuel hence it can be used in any compression ignition engines without any significant modification. The main advantages of using biodiesel are its renewability and better quality of exhaust gas emissions due to their higher content of oxygen. The produce less soot and hence the feed stuck is plant it will regenerate the CO2 by the photosynthesis which ensures the renewability and reduces global warming. But these alternative fuels have faced some obstacles while utilizing in CI engines which are due to some of their physical and chemical characteristics. At this study the fuel properties of jatropha biodiesel and its blends (a non-edible feedstock) were compared with the properties of Palm biodiesel (an edible feedstock) and petroleum based diesel. The viscosity, density, oxidation stability, acid value, water content, iodine value, flash point, pour point, cloud point and calorific value of the samples were analyzed an discussed. The physical properties of the biodiesels are controlled by their chemical properties such as unsaturation level of fatty acids and oxidation stability. Results show that the viscosity of jatropha is higher than palm biodiesel although the density of palm biodiesel is higher. Oxidation stability of the biodiesel has impact on several chemical and physical properties and improvement of oxidation stability can make betterment in these properties. The results of this study will be used as a data backup for another research project.
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Borhanipour, M., Karin, P., Tongroon, M., Chollacoop, N. et al., "Comparison Study on Fuel Properties of Biodiesel from Jatropha, Palm and Petroleum Based Diesel Fuel," SAE Technical Paper 2014-01-2017, 2014,
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Mar 24, 2014
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