CAE Analyses for Suspension System and Full Vehicle under Durability Road Load Conditions



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A CAE approach for suspension system and full vehicle under durability road load conditions was conducted based on experiments and simulations. Rig and proving ground tests were used to collect road load profile, and then served as loading conditions for CAE analyses. For suspension analyses, multi-axial road load conditions obtained from rig tests were used to further study the stress distribution of suspension under road load conditions. Based on the results of stress analyses, a fatigue analysis was also conducted to predict the fatigue life of the suspension system. The approach combining proving ground tests, rig tests and CAE analyses can deliver a timely solution for durability analysis in early vehicle design stage with reasonable accuracy. Similar approach was also used to investigate the fatigue performance of full vehicle. At first, a road load condition was collected. Then a full vehicle CAE model was established and correlated with stiffness and modal experiments. The correlated vehicle model was used for the stress analysis of a vehicle under selected road load conditions. Finally, a fatigue analysis was conducted to predict the fatigue life of vehicle body. This approach is very usefully for engineers to design both the suspension system and vehicle body system during early vehicle design stage.
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Lin, S., Cheng, C., Liao, C., and Shan, Y., "CAE Analyses for Suspension System and Full Vehicle under Durability Road Load Conditions," SAE Technical Paper 2007-01-1649, 2007,
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Apr 16, 2007
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Technical Paper