Analysis of Parameters of Project of a CVT Type Expansiva Pulley



SAE Brasil 2003 Congress and Exhibit
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The increasing market of the continuously changeable transmissions demands that its characteristics of performance fully are known and constantly developed. Of the some existing constructive types one initially opted to the modeling of the system of pulleys of changeable diameter and leather strap. Knowing, that the transmissions are part of the train of force of any vehicle, the model will go to include the characteristics of exit of the engine, torque and rotation and all the components of an automatic transmission that uses CVTs.
The initial objective is to determine the geometry of functioning and the positioning of the leather strap in the CVT. Saber its behavior, if it is playing its role in the excellent way. If the leather strap really in is determined functioning position or not, to know its time of reply how much the stabilization never requested position, to know if it is transmitting power in the relation desired or ideal for each situation, to know the forces that are involved in this system. E to know if proper system CVT are being used of excellent form or not, knowing it influence of each component and its form of drive and as possible alterations of these components or even though in the combinations of different types of drive they will be able to influence in its general behavior and performance.
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de Albuquerque, A., and Dedini, F., "Analysis of Parameters of Project of a CVT Type Expansiva Pulley," SAE Technical Paper 2003-01-3701, 2003,
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Nov 18, 2003
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