Analysis of Disc-Brake Squeal Considering Lining Wear


To be published on 09/08/2024

Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 42nd Annual
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Brake squeal is known as phenomenon caused by various factors such as stiffness of brake components, mode coupling, friction coefficient, friction force variation, pressure, temperature and humidity. FEA simulation is effective in predicting and investigating the cause of brake squeal, and is widely used. However, in many FEA simulations, models of brake lining are mostly a brand-new shape, so that the change of pressure distribution or pad shape, which can occur due to the lining wear, are not taken account. In this research, brake squeal analysis was conducted with consideration of lining wear, applying Fortran codes for Abaqus user subroutine. The brake assembly model for the analysis, created by using a 3D scanner, has a close shape to the real one. The wear patterns calculated by the analysis are similar to those of brake pads after a noise test. The complex eigenvalue analysis shows two unstable modes at the frequency of squeal occurred in the noise test. One is out-of-plane vibration mode of the rotor and another is in-plane vibration mode of the rotor. These modes do not come out in the case of analysis with a brand-new lining shape. The results of parameter studies on physical properties and geometries of brake lining show the analysis model in this research is effective in reducing squeal of the brake system.
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Ikegami, T., Millsap, T., and Yamaguchi, Y., "Analysis of Disc-Brake Squeal Considering Lining Wear," SAE Technical Paper 2024-01-3036, 2024, .
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To be published on Sep 8, 2024
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