Analysis of the Current Situation in Reliability, Quality, and Durability, and the Reasons for this Situation



SAE 2010 World Congress & Exhibition
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The paper demonstrates the results of the analysis of reliability, quality and durability in the industrial areas (automotive, aerospace, electronics, etc.), and shows the reasons for the negative aspects of this situation and how to eliminate them. Automotive vehicles recalls have increased dramatically over the years. In the automotive industry the companies, which have a high reputation in quality and reliability, have a much lower reliability and durability record than people think. Analysis discloses that in Europe recalls mostly affect buyers in the German market. This situation relates to vehicles for the Army too. In the electronics area the situation is not any better. The paper gives many examples of the current situation. The paper describes that one of the basic technical reasons for this situation is: manufacturers and users need a more accurate prediction of quality, reliability, and durability over a longer period of time, thereby increasing the warranty period and decreasing the number of complaints and recalls. This paper shows that one of the basic reasons for inaccurate prediction is that until now none had solved a radical (fundamental) problem - accelerated reliability (durability) testing which offers initial information for accurate prediction. The recommended strategy of accurate prediction for the improvement of the current situation will be demonstrated. One can find a detail example of how to implement author's methodology of this testing in another author's presentation during this Congress.
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Klyatis, L., "Analysis of the Current Situation in Reliability, Quality, and Durability, and the Reasons for this Situation," SAE Technical Paper 2010-01-0694, 2010,
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Apr 12, 2010
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