Aeroacoustic Vehicle Development Method Considering Realistic Wind Conditions



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The aeroacoustic development of vehicles is still mainly carried out in wind tunnels under steady flow conditions, although the real situation is different. However, as discussed in several earlier publications, a vehicle experiences unsteady, turbulent flow on road, which results for example from natural wind, wakes of other vehicles, or obstacles at the roadside in combination with side wind. The resulting temporal variations of the wind noise inside the cabin affect the passengers’ comfort and safety through fatigue. To be able to also consider the unsteady aeroacoustics in the vehicle development process, a comprehensive method has been developed that is presented in full for the first time in this paper. The on-road situation is simulated in a realistic and reproducible manner in the full-scale wind tunnel of the University of Stuttgart by means of an active turbulence generator, developed by FKFS. The turbulence generator allows to dynamically vary the flow angle with frequency components of up to 10 Hz. By comparing the unsteady wind noise for different flow situations and different vehicles, a flow scenario has been derived which leads to representative and meaningful aeroacoustic results. The measured temporal wind noise variations are investigated using modulation analysis, which has been adapted to show only relevant information in a comprehensible way. Finally, a psychoacoustic metric for rating the annoyance of unsteady, as well as steady, wind noise has been developed based on listening studies. The metric describes the subjective perception and allows evaluation and optimization of the aeroacoustic behavior specifically regarding the passengers’ comfort. With this new method all wind noise aspects, steady as well as unsteady, can be determined and taken into account for vehicle development. The evaluation and comparison of vehicles and variants is comprehensive and is focused on the passengers’ comfort.
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Staron, D., Riegel, M., Blumrich, R., and Wagner, A., "Aeroacoustic Vehicle Development Method Considering Realistic Wind Conditions," SAE Technical Paper 2023-01-1123, 2023,
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May 8, 2023
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Technical Paper