Advanced Modeling of a Heavy-Truck Unit-Injector System and Its Applications in the Engine Design Process



SAE 2004 World Congress & Exhibition
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Currently, to fulfill new engine regulation, the optimization of FIE system becomes more and more crucial, especially to understand the evolution of pressure during the injection event, the multiple injection interaction with injector and cam features.
This document shows the modeling and simulation of the Delphi E3 Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) mounted in the new Volvo Powertrain engine environment. The development is based on a 1D lumped parameter approach, which has been performed in the AMESim® environment considering standard libraries for the mechanical, hydraulic and control parts.
The accomplished work is an advanced model with special focuses on precise elements such as the rocker arm and follower subsystem, the two actuators in the EUI, the detailed nozzle with pressure gradient and the injection holes including cavitation effects. The first step is then to check the model reliability and accuracy; these criteria are estimated through comparisons to experiments for various operating points. The measurements vs simulations comparison has been performed with an internal test bench capable of measuring the plunger pressure, the needle lift and the injected flow rate.
Furthermore this article describes some applications where this model has been used, such as the optimization of cam profile for a better control of pilot and post injections, influence on flow rate with abrasive flow honed nozzle spray holes, needle response phenomena understanding, prediction of pressure drops within the injector and evaluation of the difference between measured and physical values. These effective applications show the full integration of the modeling work in the design process which is a real contribution in the understanding and the optimization of injection system features and its engine environment design.
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Chaufour, P., Millet, G., Hedna, M., Neyrat, S. et al., "Advanced Modeling of a Heavy-Truck Unit-Injector System and Its Applications in the Engine Design Process," SAE Technical Paper 2004-01-0020, 2004,
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Mar 8, 2004
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