Active Combustion Development Leveraging Injection Optimization with Exhaust Thermal Boost



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This IC engine improvement addresses ICE’s inherent efficiency limit through innovative mechanical design of a consolidated system encompassing intake bypass and coordinating injection mechanism. In principle, the exhaust energy is recuperated to modulate intake temperature, in the meantime, multi-staged injection control is proposed that enhances in-cylinder thermal efficiency. To be specific, a CFD-optimized bypass is constructed alongside the intake and injection design which utilizes multi-stage variable mixing precisely, taking full advantage of exhaust temperature elevation. Regenerative heat gained through exhaust system gives rise to flexible amount of thermal dynamics adjustment to the intake, which consequently delivers more robust combustion efficiency as well as lower emission metrics. A flow control valve is developed at intake interface enables modular variable intake routing supporting engine efficiency promotion. To improve power density and engine emissions, we develop a multiple injection strategy in accordance with boosted combustion characteristics. The strategy utilizes fuel air mixing thermodynamics to fulfill higher in-cylinder energy maximization where adequate fuel distribution is managed in the combustion chamber. Regarding ECU development, integrated valve, intake airflow, as well as injection control are designed to cooperate with each other under the supervisory control module, which determines weight coefficients related to relative component influence. Transient analysis of this combustion mode alongside with injection adjustment is implemented and compared with benchmark boosted engine performance. For intake port and injector, active valve timing is optimized showing substantial propelling effect of tackling trade-off between heat loss and entropy stimulation.
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Jia, X., and Ouyang, Q., "Active Combustion Development Leveraging Injection Optimization with Exhaust Thermal Boost," SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-0277, 2020,
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Apr 14, 2020
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