Acoustics and Drivability as the Main Drivers for Customer Satisfaction for electrified 2-Wheeler



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Along with the global trend for electrification, also motorcycle industry is entering new spheres of highly advanced products and is increasing customer demands for electric mobility. Beside hard facts such as performance, driving range, durability and ease of use, also the brand specific attributes such as styling, driveability and even sound for electrified 2-wheeler are very emotional, unique selling prepositions. To determine the subjective parameters for driveability and acoustics, AVL has developed dedicated tools and methods to quantify these attributes with high maturity.
In terms of acoustics and NVH there are several crucial noise sources within electrified powertrains, which have to be treated with high attention from the initial development phase to avoid any kind of unforeseen annoyances: E-motor with inverter, transmission and secondary drive are most relevant. This issue becomes even more important with the ongoing market trend of products featuring increased power.
Electrified motorcycles commonly are expected to offer supreme acceleration performance, but even this attribute may lead into driver's disappointment if throttle response and overall vehicle driveability parameters are inhomogeneous. The driveability and the corresponding parameters have to be calibrated in perfect match of all powertrain components along with the given vehicle architecture. AVL has developed unique measurement equipment AVL-DRIVE to validate the relevant criteria and to support best suitable vehicle driveability development.
This paper describes the process of adding the capabilities to assess these tasks with AVL driveability and acoustic NVH measurement tools and gives examples how these tools support the increasing effort in development tasks for electrified motorcycles.
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Hubmann, C., Falk, P., Graf, B., and Friedl, H., "Acoustics and Drivability as the Main Drivers for Customer Satisfaction for electrified 2-Wheeler," SAE Technical Paper 2019-32-0525, 2020,
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Jan 24, 2020
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