A Trajectory Planning Method for Different Drivers in the Curve Condition



SAE 2021 Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium Part I
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Lane Centering Control System (LCCS) is a lateral Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) with low acceptance. One of the main reasons is that the centering trajectory can’t satisfy different drivers, which is more obvious in the curve condition. So LCCS adaptive to different drivers needs to be designed. The trajectory planning module is an important part for LCCS. It generates trajectory according to the road information for the vehicle control module to track. This paper uses road information obtained from the scenario established in Prescan, and the trajectory planning method proposed can generate trajectories for different drivers in the curve condition. To achieve the goal, this paper proposes a trajectory planning method which contains lateral path planning and longitudinal speed planning. Firstly, the overall strategy of “road equidistant segments division” is used to describe the road information. Secondly, the path planning method establishes objective functions for four typical driving modes respectively, including shortest length, minimum curvature, centering driving, and minimum heading angle deviation, which solved by quadratic programming. Then the mixed mode path is obtained by weighting four different paths. Thirdly, a speed planning method is proposed. The speed profile is described by the natural cubic spline and it’s based on the generated path which considers different constraints of longitudinal and lateral acceleration of different drivers and the trajectory is generated by coupling speed profile with the path. Finally, the co-simulation of Matlab/Simulink and Prescan is carried out in different scenarios, and the simulation result is analyzed. The simulation result shows that the trajectory planning method proposed in this paper can generate trajectories for different drivers under the constraints of the tire dynamics, and the feasibility of the algorithm is verified.
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Pan, W., Chen, H., Ran, W., Xia, T. et al., "A Trajectory Planning Method for Different Drivers in the Curve Condition," SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-7006, 2021, https://doi.org/10.4271/2021-01-7006.
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Dec 15, 2021
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