A System Approach to Automotive Air Intake System Development



SIAT 2005
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Today's automotive Air Intake Systems are developed to deliver maximum filtration efficiency, maximum dust holding capacity and maximum service interval range based on engine performance and reliability requirements. It must also meet requirements of packaging, higher flow rates, lower pressure drop, lower noise, better fuel economy, increased vehicle speed/acceleration, high temperature compatibility, corrosion resistance, easy serviceability and cost effectiveness. It requires a well-behaved uniform flow with minimum temperature rise and pressure drop across the system. The air intake system should be installed such that no water ingress or water traces are found during the water wading test. These challenging requirements cannot be met effectively without a systems approach.
The Air Intake System development process starts with selection of design methodology and evolution of checklists for System Design Specifications (SDS) and definition of targets. SDS is elaborated with reference to performance, durability, legislation, installation, manufacturing / assembly / service considerations, etc. A checklist for air intake system design is given in this paper. Air filter type, pre-filter, mouse trap, dust ejector valve, dirtyside hose, cleanside hose, service indicator, etc. are discussed.
This paper reviews the requirements, design considerations and developments in the field of air intake systems for automotive application. Use of CFD and simulation packages are elucidated and validated with the help of developmental projects. The importance of Quality tools like Design Review, DVPR and DFMEA are emphasized with an aim to achieve performance and durability requirements.
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Patil, A., Halbe, V., and Vora, K., "A System Approach to Automotive Air Intake System Development," SAE Technical Paper 2005-26-011, 2005, https://doi.org/10.4271/2005-26-011.
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Jan 19, 2005
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