A Strategy of System Synthesis for Developing Integrated Regenerative Life Support Systems



International Conference On Environmental Systems
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This paper considers one of the possible approaches to the synthesis of technologies for developing future Integrated Regenerative Life Support Systems (IRLSS) for space vehicle crews.
The solution of technology synthesis task involves the following phases: (a) the efficiency model structuring for technical decision making process; (b) presentation of a discrete set of alternative technologies and their formal description; (c) the decision making task introduction.
Modified efficiency model under consideration is based on use of local efficiency criteria set, reflecting designed system and its subsystems properties, space vehicle properties for which this system is intended. For the local criteria after verification of the independence terms quantitative and qualitative efficiency factors are applied.
The qualitative efficiency factors were evaluated on the scale of order. The consideration of uncertainty in criteria values is based on a fuzzy set theory. The efficiency model allows possible expansion by additional quantitative and/or qualitative criteria if needed.
To form a discrete set of alternatives the evolutionary method of synthesis is applied based on preliminary introduction of some hypothetical basic system layout/structure. To structure the alternative technologies and to calculate the efficiency criteria values a single purpose database is developed using the Visual FoxPro database designer.
The decision making task is based on the utility function theory and solved with the help of interactive decision making support system “Alternativa”.
The following paper presents some ways of application of the proposed approach as well as some preliminary results.
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Samsonov, N., Kurmazenko, E., Farafonov, N., Dokunin, V. et al., "A Strategy of System Synthesis for Developing Integrated Regenerative Life Support Systems," SAE Technical Paper 981719, 1998, https://doi.org/10.4271/981719.
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Jul 13, 1998
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