A Coupled Tabulated Kinetics and Flame Propagation Model for the Simulation of Fumigated Medium Speed Dual-Fuel Engines



14th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles
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The present work describes the numerical modeling of medium-speed marine engines, operating in a fumigated dual-fuel mode, i.e. with the second fuel injected in the ports. This engine technology allows reducing engine-out emissions while maintaining the engine efficiency and can be fairly easily retrofitted from current diesel engines. The main premixed fuel that is added can be a low-carbon one and can additionally be of a renewable nature, thereby reducing or even completely removing the global warming impact. To fully optimize the operational parameters of such a large marine engine, computational fluid dynamics can be very helpful. Accurately describing the combustion process in such an engine is key, as the prediction of the heat release and the pollutant formation is crucial. Auto-ignition of the diesel fuel needs to be captured, followed by the combustion and flame propagation of the premixed fuel. In this work, an approach based on tabulated kinetics has been used, to include detailed chemistry while still maintaining acceptable computation times. To allow for the modeling of a fumigated dual-fuel engine, this approach has been extended with a Coherent Flame Model (CFM), capable of tracking the premixed flame surface. This methodology has been validated for standard diesel operation, dual-fuel diesel/natural gas and diesel/methanol operation. The model has been applied under a variety of different loads, speeds, diesel substitution ratios and equivalence ratios to capture and study a large operating range. While still observing some discrepancies between certain simulations and the corresponding experiments, already a large improvement in the prediction of fumigated dual-fuel engine operation was observed with the proposed method.
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Decan, G., Lucchini, T., D'Errico, G., and Verhelst, S., "A Coupled Tabulated Kinetics and Flame Propagation Model for the Simulation of Fumigated Medium Speed Dual-Fuel Engines," SAE Technical Paper 2019-24-0098, 2019, https://doi.org/10.4271/2019-24-0098.
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Sep 9, 2019
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