A Comparative Assessment of Tailpipe Emission Characteristics on Diesel Engine Using Nanofluid with R-EGR Setup



International Conference on Advances in Design, Materials, Manufacturing and Surface Engineering for Mobility
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The current research over the use of nano additive as a distinguishable thing on decelerating hazardous diesel engine emissions. The experiment was conducted with biofuel, there is no significance of engine modifications for using the biofuel. The surplus amount of oxygen integrated within the biofuel can able to generate higher combustion rate relatively it produces more NOx, the NOx burden can be reduced with the help of REGR (reformed exhaust gas recirculation). The reforming of exhaust gases causes the measurable generation of smoke, CO and HC. In order to reduce the formation of above emissions, the affordable and sustainable alternate identified from the present research, by citronella biofuel with 100ppm Cobalt Chromite nano additive. The scrutinized output enumerates that the substantial reduction in HC, CO, and BSFC with elevated EGT (exhaust gas temperature) achieved by CBN-REGR than the typical usage of the traditional CB-EGR system. During the entire combustion process at all load conditions bring up eventual NOx emissions from both CBN-EGR and CB-EGR. At maximum load conditions, CBN-EGR emitted lower smoke in contrast with CB-EGR. Substantial increase in percentage of REGR in with CBN, a marginal reduction in cylinder pressure and also liberate the exaggerated heat than CBN. The present research described a possible reduction in environment polluting exhaust emissions due to associated nano additives within the biofuel with REGR, also there is an attainable development in engine performance.
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K, A., Krishnamoorthy, R., and Balasubramanian, D., "A Comparative Assessment of Tailpipe Emission Characteristics on Diesel Engine Using Nanofluid with R-EGR Setup," SAE Technical Paper 2020-28-0442, 2020, https://doi.org/10.4271/2020-28-0442.
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Sep 25, 2020
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