57 2- (3)-Cylinder Concepts for High Output Motorcycles and Commuter



Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition
Authors Abstract
Four new 2-cylinder 4-stroke concepts are displayed as design and fitted in vehicles.
These four different concepts comprise
  • a Modular Concept V2- and W3-cylinder
  • a MotoGP / Superbike concept with 2 and 3 cylinders,
  • a narrow angle V-engine and
  • a Building Block System Commuter CVT engine.
Each engine concept is designed to meet the different requirements of the four segments. Specific analysis and simulation concerning 1D thermodynamics, vehicle simulation and delivered performance and tractive force was done for each concept.
The concepts are compared in the aspects of uniform rotation, inertia forces and moments, and the effect on performance by the pulse effects of the manifolded intake and exhaust systems.
The Modular Concept contains an OHC engine with a wide range of displacements and commonality of many parts. Good versatility is obtained as the concepts can be applied for sport- or custom bikes. Also an advanced EMS with additional features is applied and a heated 3-way catalyst and air/fuel sensors are integrated to fulfill the most stringent emission regulations after the year 2006.
The MotoGP / Superbike Concept has an advanced transmission position, which allows to design a very compact motorcycle size comparable to much smaller displacement bikes. The application of a pneumatic valve train allows for aggressive valve timing and high engine output. The concept is compared to engines with higher number of cylinders in terms of race competitiveness.
The narrow-angle V-engine is a sportive and compact engine with newly developed mass balancing.
The Commuter is a medium output design with a continuously variable transmission, featuring an extremely space-saving design
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Laimboeck, F., Spanner, C., and Mair, A., "57 2- (3)-Cylinder Concepts for High Output Motorcycles and Commuter," SAE Technical Paper 2002-32-1826, 2002, https://doi.org/10.4271/2002-32-1826.
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Oct 29, 2002
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