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SAE 2001 World Congress
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The University of Maryland team converted a model year 2000 Chevrolet Suburban to an ethanol-fueled hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) and tied for first place overall in the 2000 FutureTruck competition. Competition goals include a two-thirds reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a reduction of exhaust emissions to meet California ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) Tier II standards, and an increase in fuel economy. These goals must be met without compromising the performance, amenities, safety, or ease of manufacture of the stock Suburban. The University of Maryland FutureTruck, Proteus, addresses the competition goals with a powertrain consisting of a General Motors 3.8-L V6 engine, a 75-kW (100 hp) SatCon electric motor, and a 336-V battery pack. Additionally, Proteus incorporates several emissions-reducing and energy-saving modifications; an advanced control strategy that is implemented through use of an on-board computer and an innovative hybrid-electric drive train. Preliminary computer modeling, using ADVISOR, an advanced vehicle simulator, predicted that Proteus would achieve a reduction in exhaust emissions, a fuel efficiency increase of 28%, and a decrease in 0-60 mph time of 0.5-s.1 In the first year of the competition, Proteus achieved a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% increase in fuel economy, and reduced regulated tailpipe emissions to less than the stock vehicle in all categories. Continuing development and optimization of Proteus' systems will lead to an even further reduction in emissions and will significantly improve fuel economy.
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Denton, K., Goldman, J., Hays, B., Hyatt, C. et al., "2000 University of Maryland FutureTruck Design Description," SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-0681, 2001, https://doi.org/10.4271/2001-01-0681.
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Mar 5, 2001
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