Insights Into Performance Parameters for BEV Thermal Architectures



Authors Abstract

Given the importance of thermal system performance on the overall goals of a Battery Electric Vehicle?s (BEV) design intent, this presentation seeks to provide simulation-based insights and understanding regarding vehicle-level sensitivities to key thermal system performance parameters. Beginning with a discussion of the thermal system architectures selected for this analysis, the presentation will then highlight vehicle-level targets of interest, including Energy Consumption, Battery Temperature, Motor Temperature, and Charging Time. Next, an assessment of these targets for the selected thermal architectures across a range of usage and driving conditions will be presented, including regulatory cycles, performance driving, and charging at cold, nominal, and hot ambient conditions. Finally, additional vehicle and component performance parameters will be discussed within the sensitivity analysis framework (e.g. vehicle weight, pump power/efficiency, pressure drops in the coolant and refrigeration circuits). In summary, this presentation seeks to provide insights that help map system design and component performance to overall BEV mission objectives.

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Sep 26, 2022
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