The BMW AVZ Wind Tunnel Center



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The new BMW Aerodynamisches Versuchszentrum (AVZ) wind tunnel center includes a full-scale wind tunnel, ?The BMW Windkanal? and an aerodynamic laboratory ?The BMW AEROLAB? . The AVZ facility incorporates numerous new technology features that provide design engineers with new tools for aerodynamic optimization of vehicles. The AVZ features a single-belt rolling road in the AEROLAB and a five-belt rolling road in the Windkanal for underbody aerodynamic simulation. Each of these rolling road types has distinct advantages, and BMW will leverage the advantages of each system. The AEROLAB features two overhead traverses that can be configured to study vehicle drafting, and both static and dynamic passing maneuvers. To accurately simulate ?on-road? aerodynamic forces, a novel collector / flow stabilizer was developed that produces a very flat axial static pressure distribution. The flat static pressure distribution represents a significant improvement relative to other open jet wind tunnels. In addition, improved performance for reducing open jet plenum pressure fluctuations was achieved by incorporating and tuning Helmholtz resonators to selected low frequencies. The AVZ also includes a 32,000m 2 support building with space for workshops, vehicle preparation, storage and offices. The close coupling of the support building to the wind tunnels improves the internal workflow within the vehicle design development process.

Edward G. Duell, Jacobs

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Mar 7, 2012
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