Search Tips

Please note: All terms not contained within quotes, will be evaluated using the OR operator. This means that your search results will contain all results that contain ANY of the entered terms.

Search Operators:


SAE MOBILUS supports the use of the AND, OR and NOT BOOLEAN operators ONLY function with the Advanced Search capabilities of SAE MOBILUS.

  • AND: the results will contain all terms joined by AND. For example, volvo AND safety, would return results that contain both the words volvo AND safety.
  • OR: the results will contain either term(s) joined by OR. For example, volvo OR safety, would return results that contain the terms volvo OR safety . This would increase the results returned when compared to using the AND operator.
  • NOT: The results will not contain the term(s). For example, volvo NOT safety would return all results that contain the word volvo, and do NOT contain the word safety.

Wild Cards

Using the asterisk, ( * ) allows you to search for a partial word. For example, entering a keyword search of aero* will search for any word beginning with aero. The results would include such words as aerospace, aerodynamics, etc.


Using Quotes

Words in double quotes " " are treated as a phrase. Conducting a search for "heat model" will return all results in which the exact phrase "heat model" is found, while "heat modeling" would NOT be included. Using double quotes can help to target your search and reduce your results.

A term combined with a phrase will be joined with an OR operator. Therefore, a search for automatic "dog clutch" will return results for automatic OR "dog clutch" which would increase the total number of results.

Phrases in quotes will be evaluated with the following rules:

  • search is case insensitive: "Dog Clutch" is not the same as "dog clutch"
  • extra spaces between words will be ignored: "dog clutch" is the same as "dog    clutch"
  • words are diacritic insensitive: café is equivalent to cafe and vice versa
  • wildcards within quotes do not work
  • search terms do not expand: model will not be expanded to search for modeling.

Words that are not in quotes will be evaluated with the following rules:

  • search term expanding: model will be expanded to include model, modeling, models and vice versa
  • search is case insensitive
  • extra spaces between words will be ignored
  • words are diacritic insensitive: café is equivalent to cafe and vice versa

Searching for Specific Content:

Searching for Standards

When searching for a standard please use the entire Document Number assigned, which includes the abbreviation. A space can be used, or omitted between the abbreviation and number. For example:

  • Aerospace Materials Specification: AMS3903 or AMS 3903
  • Ground Vehicle Standard: J2940 or J 2940
  • Aerospace Standard: AS9162 or AS 9162

Referenced Standards/Content

When searching for a document that is Cross Referenced, use the available search field drop down and select "Cross Reference Number". For example, to find documents which reference ASTMe10, search on ASTMe10 and the dropdown search field would be set to Cross Reference Number. This will yield search results in which ASTMe10 is cross referenced or cited.

For journals and technical papers, please use the "Citing References" link available on the Summary and Detail page of a specific document. For standards, please use the "Cross Reference" link available on the Summary and Details page of a specific document.

Searching for Event Content

When searching for papers that are associated with a specific event, please search using the full event name. Enter the full event name, and set the attribute drop down to "Meeting Name". Sample event names are as follows:

  • Convergence International Congress & Exposition On Transportation Electronics
  • SAE 2016 Convergence
  • SAE 2001 Noise & Vibration Conference & Exposition
  • SAE 2016 World Congress

Searching by Committee

Enter a search term and launch the search. Once the search has been executed, use the available Committee Facet, available in the left filter options to narrow your results.

Enhancements to Search:

  1. Document Number Detection has been added which allows the system to disregard special characters (hyphen, slash) and spacing when followed by a recognized standard prefix. For example, AMS3903, AMS 3903, AMS-3903 and AMS/3903.
  2. Saved Search, Search History and Recent Activity will display a truncated version of filters applied. Moving your mouse over the search history item will show the entire criteria for that search.