Saving a Search and Search History

Saving a search:

When conducting research, there may be times that you will want to save your current search, with all filters and facets applied. This can be useful for continued research, refinement as new requirements become available, or a convenient way to identify new content against a commonly conducted search.  SAE MOBILUS has multiple ways that you can easily save a search and execute the saved search with one click.

The “SAVE” functionality of SAE MOBILUS is a part of your personal Dashboard, which requires an individual login. SAVE is discussed briefly below.  
  1. Conduct a search by entering a key word and using the “ENTER” key on your keyboard or the “SEARCH” button.
  2. From the left filter navigation tree, select any filters and facets necessary to narrow your search and select “APPLY” from either the top or bottom of the filter navigation tree.
  3. The search results will automatically update to display results based on the filters and facets applied.
  4. Select “SAVE” from the top or bottom of the filter navigation tree to save your search.  A window will display that will allow you to name the search which will automatically be saved to the “Saved Searches” section of the Dashboard

Search History:

SAE MOBILUS saves the searches conducted during a user session on the “Search History” tab of the search results page.  The keyword used for the search along with all filters and facets applied are included in the search history information.  Further, the total results found for both the subscribed and non-subscribed content are maintained and are hyperlinked allowing for immediate search execution.

To view and Save Searches:
  1. From the Search Results page, select the “Search History” tab.
  2. If you are not logged into the Dashboard, the Search History page will display and list all searches that have been conducted during the session.  If you are logged into the Dashboard, then the last 12 searches conducted will be displayed.
On each Saved Search is a “SAVE SEARCH” button which allows the search to be saved with a customized name.  The search will be saved to the Dashboard and the Saved Searches can be viewed through your Dashboard once you log in.